We all have a great deal to do each day, to maximize our output and efficiency, and all too often, many of us become bogged down and may feel like we are not getting much done.

Using Systems to Achieve More

I know I certainly had days like that in the past, and for me, that was never going to be something I was happy about. In my case, I have full-time work as well as an online business (Gourmet Goldmine) and have at this stage, many affiliate websites, promoting various products, both digital and physical.

My Affiliate Model

For affiliate marketing to work well, I have found that I need to apply specific systems or blueprints if you will, and that was the only way that I was going to succeed and not spin my wheels, but actually gain a hard traction, to get things done and working right. It took me many years to work this out and refine a process, even though it is obvious to most people that you need a system to achieve many things, particularly when there are many ‘moving’ parts.


To explain this better, affiliate marketing can be done in a small time, ineffective way, or it can be done, by building on systems that are able to work over a long period of time. Some people may choose to only be an affiliate for one product or service or a related group of products and this may be easier to manage if that is one’s only focus. In my case, there are at least three extra products or websites that I create per week and to keep my head straight, I need to be very focused and organized.

Systemised Procedures

My particular model is based on the fact that I am constantly adding more websites to my stable and it is quite common to add as many as three to five websites a week.

As at this date, I have over 65 sites and for them to work, and me to not become overwhelmed and confused, a system was essential.

The process involved researching a product and then working out the best keywords etc.

This then leads me to choose the right domain name.

The site name would be registered and set up in a basic shell, that I then add certain plugins or customizations to. This is a system based on security, functionality, and ease of use in an affiliate sense. I won’t go into the exact process as that is a more detailed article. However, suffice to say that the basic set up is completed.

I then populate the pages a certain way, with the leading product presented and reviewed in a certain style and include details like contact pages and testing all affiliate links work and so forth.

I also build extra security with my commercial partners which can take a few days for each site to complete. While this is happening, I am already building extra, external pages on other popular site platforms to link back to my main site product and testing all the links work.


In addition, I now start to use external services to create social media links back to each of my new pages which builds out a presence online that is favoured by major search engines. While these parameters can change over time, the rule to ensure that content is always ubnique and top notch remains the same.

By providing quality articles and information, I am slowly building up more and more trust which is liked by both my human readers as well as the search engine bots.

I am not stressing about whether I am on page 1 of Google etc as that can change at the drop of a hat anyway. I rather concentrate on what I can control, which is the quality of my content and regularly putting more on.

As I am building my new sites, I am also following my list of all the other sites I own and progressively adding more content to them too and the feeder pages to those sites.

If this sounds like hard work, you are right. It is. However, it is also rewarding and satisfying work.

It gives me pleasure knowing I am writing quality information that is well researched and that will be online indefinitely. I make sure I keep regular records of all domain names, what is working and what is not, and can tweak as I go.

I have found that I am better off writing articles myself as I have found that overseas writers can be a hit and miss afair.

Remember that by following a system or procedure, that has been worked out over many years and refines, allows me to set to work each day doing a bit more and building my online presence.

I know there are many shiny objects out there, but most times, they slow you down in the long run.

Stick with what works and is proven.


I have and am seeing results daily.


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