We all have ideas. Dreams too. It’s essential to ensure the need to make sure that we are equipped to bring our dreams to Reality! This is the drive to succeed.

Know Where you are Going to, Visualising Your Goal- the drive to succeed

The visualisation or clear imagination of your desired point of arrival is critical to making it. However, many of us, through well-meaning parents, friends, and relations, may have had our dreams quashed before they even had time to flower.

How many times were you told that you need to do real things? Don’t expect too much as it is too hard, or near-if-not impossible?

Most of us have been told things like this, and when done often enough when we were younger, the more damaging it can be.

Thought Theory
2. Types of control. 3. Cold control theory of hypnosis.

Unfortunately, many of us have over time forgotten to dream or hope to drive towards what we really want, as we have been sucked into the everyday life humdrum, and this is both soul-destroying as well as severely limiting of our abilities. Effectively, we need to reset ourselves. This will reset our drive to succeed.

If we think of some incredible buildings, we know that the architect had to imagine every little detail in their mind first, before a single brick was laid or any cement poured. The same rule applies to us as people wanting to shape our lives. We need to be able to picture in our minds, in great detail, everything that we want.

The more detailed, in as much as being able to smell the flowers of the garden in our new house, or imagine the feeling of satisfaction when we walk into our newly refurbished office, or factory complex and so on. We need to absolutely feel and see in our mind’s eye, every little detail. The more detailed, the better.

Our Subconscious and Reprogramming

Our subconscious does not know the difference between imagination and fact. Hence, the more detailed we are in our visualisation techniques, the clearer our subconscious mind sees things and the sooner we can attract to ourselves that which we want. I know that this may sound a little ‘woo woo’ to some people, but it is true. It has been proven in the past and continues to be proven with the advent of our understanding of quantum physics and theory.

Our thoughts influence the outside world around us, in terms of our understanding Tjought and Theoryand our reaction to external events. Often times, it is not a situation that has occurred, but rather what we choose to do with it and handle it, either to or against our better inner good.


Resetting Ourselves

I have found on a regular basis that we need to recentre ourselves and meditate each day, to distress and return to our core values of our inner selves and know what we want to achieve for each day, to make it the best day it can be.

I often times apply the Reiki principles- for today, I will not worry and be happy.






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