As someone who juggles a full time career, a not-so passive income business and life in general I find it works for me follow a few simple steps everyday to keep everything in check. Staying Focused on point is vital.

What I am about to write may seem like a no brainier but if you are one who is pulled for one project or family situation to another you may have never thought about it.
Basically, it is just a few ideas that I do each day that help me get through my day and kick off the next in relative ease.

My Day’s Start

1. Wake up and think of 3 things that I am grateful for. Usually it is way more. And before I pick up my phone I kiss the wife. For all those addicted to your phone, kiss your partner first and see how much better your day is.
2. Get up early, stretch, get on the elliptical and drink two glasses of water with lemon.
3. Eat a good, healthy breakfast. Usually the wife will force me to drink a green smoothie before I get to eat some toast with Vegemite (I am Australian, it’s what we do).


4. Write a short to do list. Mine is only 4 points long as it is easy to get these done. Once they are, you will see that you are making progress in your day.
That’s it, simple and basic and I suggest that you play with it and add in things that speak to you. Whether that be praying, running or playing with your kids before work; what ever you add in to your routing will pay off 100% in your life.

The Nitty Gritty of the Day

I am absolutely determined to tick off a stack of things in my diary, to make sure I am getting things done. I know that life is around us and things happen. I am going to be quite harsh here- We need to be determined to make sure that what is important is done. No if’s, no maybes. We need to be active and getting things done, Certainly, there may be some unexpected twists in the road, but overall, we need to remain focused.

I have found that one of the key’s to this is spending a few minutes each night, consolidating in my mind what I would like to achieve, given the events if the day just passed. By working this way, I can formulate ideas in my mind and let my subconscious work on any solutions to various problems in its own way, while I am sleeping.

I then wake up, often having solutions or clearer ideas in mind and make sure that I am centered, and ready to start the day, in a productive and successful way.


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