When the Going Gets Tough- What Do You Do?

For some people, the natural inclination is to shy away or give up when the going gets tough. Needless to say, I am going to strongly suggest we use the tough-going as a motivation. We just get tougher and prime ourselves for a bigger climb, over the top. I know this may sound cliched, but we can never allow a difficult time or challenge to get in our way. We are limitless beings.When the tough get going

I use it as fuel to motivate me forward! Hard work never killed anyone. Believing in ourselves is key to getting ahead, and overcoming any obstacles in our pathway.

Embrace Fear and Change- We are Limitless Beings


It’s important to make sure that when we are scared – typically by FEAR which is False Expectations Appearing Real, we need to look at the most desired outcome form any situation (positive) and imagine in exceptional detail the outcome we would like. So often, perfectly harmless situations are blown up in our minds to the most spectacularly bad outcomes we can imagine, but find it very difficult to use the same imaginative skill to imagine the best outcomes for us.

Wake Up - Get to whe you want to be

Equally, there are sometimes situations where we feel we have been hard done by or missed out. However, in time, it can become very clear that we needed to be held back, or experience a ‘failure‘, to only partake in a much better outcome for us. This has been my experience over many years and I have learned not to be disappointed if things seemed a little out of whack at the time, as I know my higher power has been and continues to help me. This is all part of being limitless beings.


Regardless of your religious beliefs, or upbringing, there are forces far more powerful than us that are working around us.

Thoughts are Powerful Energy

Similarly, our thoughts are powerful concepts, that we need to guard well, as they are made up of energy which can and does affect us in very powerful ways. If we think we are beaten, we are, and likely, if we are strong in our thoughts and desires, we will more easily influence the world around us.


For people who have not come across these thought principles, there is much reading to be had on the internet on the subject of our thinking. I have included links in this article to the manifestation miracle, as one example of our thought power.

I have found that I have gained great benefit from the Ninja mind program as well to be found here.

Effectively, no matter how difficult a situation we may find ourselves in from time to time, as a limitless person, having an unshakeable belief that we can and will achieve our desired outcome is a vital part of our future success. The way we can achieve things is to manifest the idea through visualisation in our mind first. smotther waters at peak- limitless beingsWe then need to believe that we have the power to achieve the desired goal. This is a practiced concept that ultimately affects our outward behaviour and ‘magnetic power’ to attract the people that will help us achieve what we want.

We Bought A Business and Learned as we Went.

To provide an example of this concept, when my wife and I bought a business that specialises in hard to find ingredients, I was unsure how it would work out. However, I decided to give it all I had.

After all, we had paid a considerable sum for the rights to the business, then went through the technical aspects of transferring digital ownership to us, the paperwork for the registrations, and managing back end software for stocks of food items- food that can perish if not sold in time before the expiry dates.  It certainly was a massive learning curve for me, as well as learning about the different types of suppliers, making inquiries, setting up wholesale accounts and learning how to source hard to find ingredients.

Hanging In There…

I will report a recent and unexpected success. We had a particular product that we normally stocked and that was in considerable demand. The supplier stopped supplying that particular product and we had to inform our customers that we were unable to supply them for a period, till we found alternatives.

Cutting a long story short, we managed to find an alternative, that in fact turned out to be a larger quantity at a better quality, for a cheaper price. We contacted a client who had been very disappointed we couldn’t supply all her needs earlier and she was so grateful, she advised she would be advertising our great customer service to all her contacts. We never imagined this sort of following, but found that as we  learned and developed our brand, we were able to learn, become better and more and more successful as we worked on. This is the point I am making. Start small, make a first step and keep on keeping on.

Never allow yourself to imagine failure.

I have also applied these principles to my affiliate marketing experience.

I know this point well.

Given I have been in affiliate marketing as well for many years and only recently, have I cracked the code where it is finally working well for me and my clients. Persistence always pays off.

Start Today

Please, whatever you are striving for, start today. Face your fear head on! It is only in your mind- you can fail, or you can kill it and make it big! It is up to you. Have goals for today- for the next week, starting Today, and then for the next month and the next year. You don’t even have to wait for the start of next week. As a limitless being, Start Today. You’ll be glad you did.




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