I have been creating affiliate websites and marketing campaigns for myself since 2008 and when I think back to the early days, I cringe at the mistakes I made, the wrong decisions I took, but then again, it was a learning curve. There is a lesson in this in that with most things- when we first start out, our skill level is quite low.


I am writing about this as it has taken me close to ten years of trial and error to work out what definitely didn’t work and what actually works in terms of affiliate marketing. However, there is a much bigger lesson in that, around perseverance and stickability.

Persevering and Remaining Focused


Given my early attempts, I spent much more, in terms of money as well as time, in trying different things and had created some of the most terrible looking websites. However, I am glad I did all of those things, including almost losing my shirt over advertising costs with a major search engine, because that kind of practical training simply cannot come from a classroom.

My first websites were built with hosted page builders and a program by Blue Voda- quite functional for the time and for my knowledge level then, but so much has changed now. Learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), the various Google changes in the organic organizing of search results, creating relevant content, unique articles and so much more, the list almost seemed endless.

I have found that many WordPress sites and themes work much better, but having a healthy understanding of HTML code is certainly a big help.



Thinking back to a time a few years back when many of my sites were hacked, and effectively, I was offline for over six months, taught me a great deal about the need for strong web security and protocols to be implemented as a regular requirement.Security Protocols

All of these experiences have been put towards good use as I now have a system that is implemented, tested and that works for me. Initially, I used to do so many different things, I seemed very busy but was actually not making much headway.


I’m sure we can all relate to that in some way or another.

I have actually trained with many courses, and am still continually learning, as this is the only way forward. I found the systems that worked for me and then created a master plan or list in order to complete a certain task relating to the affiliate model.

Affiliate Promotion Success

In other words, I have worked out the best method to locate and find good products or services to promote. I then have a protocol for creating the informational pages and the styles of presentation that is much like a rinse and repeat exercise. By building up the program of products to promote, using a formula, I am able to build on each previous success. The best thing about this is that a promotion this week will work over time and as I build the next one and so on, the previous ones are still netting a result and income for the work that was done once.

While some products have an expiry on their promotion, I note that ina calendar system so that on the day the project expires, I am able to reuse much of the work with a newly selected product in the same niche.

The actual process is a detailed one that I will create a course for and promote in time, but at the moment, I’m using this material to build my skills and expertise in this area.

Tracking of Results


One of the important lessons I learned was that all my results need to be tracked and tested. For this, I use a program that helps with safe links and proper tracking for me. The reason I track everything is to make sure that I am implementing systems that help me focus on what is working, so I don’t waste time and resources on what is not. For this, I use the Clickmagick program.

Always Follow Other Successful People

In the coming days, I will present a full and comprehensive review of the Clickmagick program. However, I wanted to point out that following others who have succeeded before you is imperative to keep you focused during the long days when things are not flowing so smoothly. Anyone who tells you that success is an easy road is either not a successful person or incredibly good. I will go with the fact that anything worthwhile doing requires a lot of effort and time concentrating on honing your craft and skills. I know that learning about affiliate marketing was a ten-year journey for me and there is still so much to learn.

The difference is that I have a system that works so that I can set aside some time each week to learn new things while concentraing on my core principle of developing my affiliate marketing skills.







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